People's Choice Award

Past winners:

2019 -  Spider City - Sneaky Deer Hazy Double IPA
            Block 15 - DAB Lab, Desert High
            Incline Cider Company - Lemongrass Cider

2018 -  Sunriver Brewing - Hawaiian Haze
            Fort George, Modern Times and Holy Mountain3-Way IPA
            Incline Cider Company Compass Rosé

2017 -  Cascade Brewing - Crazy Navel
            Goodlife Brewing  - Pineapple Sweet As
            Incline Cider Company - Scout Marionberry Cider

2016Sunriver Brewing Company - Cocoa Cow Milk Stout
            Georgetown Brewing Co. - Bodhizafa IPA

2015Santiam Brewery - Pirate Stout
            Sunriver Brewing - Company Resination

2014Boneyard Beer - RPM IPA
            Fort George, Block 15 and Boneyard - 3-Way IPA

2013Boneyard BeerRPM IPA
            Klamath Basin Brewing Vanilla Porter

2012GoodLife Brewing - Sweet As

2011Elysian Brewing - Night Owl

201010 Barrel Brewing