People's Choice Awards

Congratulations to our 2018 winners: 

Sunriver Brewing for their Hawaiian Haze
Fort George Brewiing for their 3-Way IPA in collaboration with Modern Times Beer and Holy Mountain Brewing  
Incline Cider Company for their Compass Rosé

Past year's winners:

2017 -  Cascade Brewing - Crazy Navel
            Goodlife Brewing  - Pineapple Sweet As
            Incline CIder Company - Scout Marionberry Cider

2016 – Sunriver Brewing Company - Cocoa Cow Milk Stout
            Georgetown Brewing Co - Bodhizafa IPA

2015 – Santiam Brewery - Pirate Stout
            Sunriver Brewing - Company Resination

2014 – Boneyard Beer - RPM IPA
            Fort George – in collaboration with Block 15 and Boneyard

2013 – Boneyard Beer - RPM IPA
            Klamath Basin Brewing - Vanilla Porter

2012 – GoodLife Brewing - Sweet As

2011 – Elysian Brewing - Night Owl

2010 – 10 Barrel Brewing

To participate in the voting process next time, look for your ballot each year in the Bend Brewfest Guide and vote for your favorite. Winners are announced the following week of the 'fest on Facebook & Twitter.